Blog: The Italian Job

Fantini picture Italy Jan 16

It’s not every day you’re able to spend piggy bank money on an expensive piece of kit that will revolutionise the extraction of stone, but now that we’ve has taken over the lease on Hartham Park Bath Stone underground mine, the glorious Fantini chain saw is on its way to us from Rome.

Having such equipment to cut out large blocks of Bath Stone is very much a departure from the turn of the last century when stone was cut by hand but thankfully we live in an age where technology is king.

The GU50 Fantini is being made from a bespoke design and will be supplied in three pieces so our mine team can get it underground. It will be operated via remote control by one experienced operator that will make Health & Safety a dream. Costing in excess of £250k, it’s a sound investment for the iconic mine, cutting to 1.8m depth.

You wouldn’t think there was much demand but we’ve had to wait 9 months from order to delivery and although these machines are supplied throughout the world, it was Hartham Park that saw the first Fantini operate in the UK.

What’s really interesting is that Fantini has also made parts for the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider ever built, and the largest single machine in the world. So, our Fantini will be in very good company.

It will play a vital role in making Hartham Park a success and pens are poised to order another one in the very near future, to keep up with Bath Stone demand. So, as its loaded onto a ship and brought to Corsham, we are looking forward to welcoming our new Fantini to the Lovell Stone family and look forward to many happy years together.

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