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We are lucky to live in a country that has so much heritage. From Roman Baths, to medieval castles, Tudor buildings, regency glamour and Edwardian houses.

But when a heritage building needs restoration, how can we match the new with the old?

Stone is a wonderful thing. Once it has been extracted from the ground, it can be made to look new, old, shiny, worn – a natural product that can be used in so many interesting ways but whatever its use, its British and has a natural beauty that only gets better with age.

Lovell Stone Group has been involved in a spectacular project – Shakespeare’s New Place in Stratford – upon – Avon, that saw the loving restoration of the house Shakespeare lived in from 1597 until his death in 1616.

The imposing Tudor house is set within beautiful grounds in the heart of the town and so it was always important to find materials that would be empathetic to the historic, natural surroundings.

So the team at our Purbeck quarry who operate our extensive processing works, got to work to find an external paving that would complement the timber structure, provide a showcase within the landscape and offer something that would like Shakespeare’s work, stand the test of time.

In the end, we supplied Chicksgrove Stone from our own quarry in Wiltshire. A stone that now offers hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with a welcome to the site and a sense of how the contemporary can complement the old.

Any heritage project needs to be considered and respected. Sometimes only reclaimed materials will do but there are times when stone extracted now can enhance and improve a project, enabling it to make the leap into the 21st Century, attracting a wider audience for years to come.

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